About Us

Anka Wellness is a dedicated team of professionals who help you achieve your fitness goals.This selected group of individuals is determined to develop healthy habits while implementing a holistic lifestyle. Founder, Diana Dreher’s mother, Anka is the inspiration behind the creation of Anka Wellness.

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Services We Provide

Infrared Light Therapy

Explore a revolutionary therapy in the field of wellness.We offer services like PEMF Mat and Infrared Sauna.

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Total Body Transformation

Transform your lifestyle under experts’ guidance and indulge yourselves in sauna, massages and weekly boot camps.

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Individual & Group Coaching

Regular orientations for members and online virtual lessons delivered by experts for individuals and groups.

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Wellness Spa Parties

A cost-effective way to pamper your body with aromatherapy, chromotherapy and spa. Result driven wellness

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People who make it happen

Diana Dreher

Founder & CEO
Anka Wellness

Jovon Times

Personal Trainer
Anka Wellness

Dr. Jeff Kramer

Clinical Hypnotherapist

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We Focus On

Our mission at Anka Wellness is to provide a comfortable and caring facility for individuals and families to receive education, guidance, and the right wellness program to fit their need.  We create a happy and peaceful environment for healthy mindset and a healthy body.  We want to get you where you want to be.

– Diana Dreher, Founder and CEO

Clients First

Client comfort is our priority, and we strive to develop strong relations with them.

Wholistic Nutrition

A simple and efficient coaching on nutrition. We also provide approved whole food supplements.

Advanced Technology

Experience complete rejuvenation with the help of our latest FDA approved devices.

Fun Fitness

Regenerate healthy cells in your body through our Zumba, Yoga and Bootcamp sessions.