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The Loss of A Mother

In 1992 my mother Anka was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. She was 52 years old and I was 14. She was prescribed insulin shots and pills twice a day. She was told by her doctor that without a change of diet and exercise she had less than 10 years to live.


My parents immigrated from Europe to America in the mid 1970s. My mother spoke and understood just enough English to get by. The family worked hard to keep her healthy. I administered her shots and made sure her food was prepared correctly. But at 14 I had very little knowledge on how to get her to eat healthy, how to get rid of sugar cravings, or how to help her lose weight. I did not have the education to help my mom. Within four years of her diagnosis, my mother started to lose her eyesight and eventually could only see red blobs.


In late 2003 she was prescribed a new drug to control her diabetes. By 2004 she developed pulmonary heart failure. In early August of 2004 she had kidney failure which required 3 hours of dialysis twice daily. She had multiple strokes and heart attacks and on August 28th, 2004 she lost her battle with diabetes. She was 64 years.


In 2012, the U.S. Justice Department announced GlaxoSmithKline had agreed to plead guilty and pay a $3 billion fine, in part for withholding the results of two studies of the cardiovascular safety of Avandia between 2001 and 2007.

The Education of A Daughter

Four years later I began having pain throughout my entire body. The pain in my feet and ankles was so extreme that walking became difficult. I saw a Rheumatologist, Podiatrist, Neurologist, spent thousands of dollars on MRI’s, blood work, and custom orthotic insoles. In 2008 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, an autoimmune disorder that at times left me debilitated physically, emotionally, and mentally. These experiences encouraged me to spend years personally testing and researching products and methods while avoiding the synthetic pharmaceutical drugs. I discovered simple ways to eliminate my own pain as well assist others with many types of conditions, illness, and weight management issues.


Everyday people think they are taking great care of themselves. They do what the doctor tells them to do. Take the medications they are told to take. There is so much information out there that it can get confusing. We are just not educated enough to know how to make a difference in our own lives. I wish I knew then, what I know now.


For these reasons I’ve developed Anka Wellness. Anka Wellness is a resource for anyone looking to improve their life and health in safe natural ways. We help you have a lifestyle change, not a temporary fix. As a Certified Dr. Sears L.E.A.N Health Coach, it allows me to help families with children and work with all ages from children to seniors and work closely with other wellness professionals for optimal health.  Partnering with GinzTonix allows us to combine the best of nutrition and light therapy for our clients and offering premium service for anyone.


Denise Cagan

You all at Anka Wellness continue to bless me. Thank you! From the time you started there, you have always stood behind bringing the best of holistic care to your clients. I am delighted at the benefits from the Infrared Sauna – truly it makes my skin glow! And, equally delighted that you have Greer Family Chiropractic in there. His adjustment yesterday has my back feeling amazing. It has been months since I’ve been able to say that. It has made a difference using the Sauna, getting adjustments and all the other good stuff you have to offer. Thank you! Again!!

Passion Bankhead

I always have the best time at Anka Wellness! I love the awesome events and the wonderful ppl that work there. Anka wellness is one of the few places around where you always leave feeling ,stronger and happier then when you came in. If you have a spare moment treat yourself and stop by to see Diana and all the other wonderful practitioners I promise it will become a second home to you in no time. I had the best birthday party of my life there and I’m loving the sauna now.

Mayra Clintron De Shahid

Anka Wellness is the perfect place to take your mind off the stress and just relax from a crazy, busy and stressful life. I will recommend this place to anyone who is committed to making a change in their life. Thank you Diana and her staff for making me a difference.

Brian O’Thrill #96 Black Wolves

As a professional athlete I need to constantly maintain and improve my physical body. This is like a tune up shop for my body. From the massage energy bed to the PEMF healing mat all the amenities will have you feeling like new! This is a must visit. Trust me I’m a pro.

Rae L. Simpson

Anka Wellness, a place to feel inspired and to breath. To renew your body from the inside and out. Be mindful of all good things that promote a healthy you. So, come and enjoy the journey to wellness.

Monica Hunter

I enjoy all the amenities and customer service is dynamic, Diana and her whole staff are giving the community education as well as body and soul healing. Thank you so much for what you’re doing for me, love you ladies.

Pamela Globokar

Reflexology has been a wonderful relaxing experience which has taken my mind and body to a different place. After each appointment I feel energetic, happy , motivated and yet relaxed. Raquel seems to make everything work better.
Pain has been my companion for many years. I have found options
** medications and the side effects are awful
** endure which does not assist with a positive quality of life
** therapy at Anka with the massage energy bed, sauna salt room oasis, energy mat and Ionic foot detox which has given me a better disposition and lowers my pain/discomfort.
Anka is like any wellness program, over time you will see benefits/results that you never knew were possible. My energy level has increased and I have fewer episodes of fatigue. The staff is friendly, professional and courteous. They offer Zumba and Yoga as well as a complete wellness program to include nutrition for individuals with all sorts of problems. I suffer from autoimmune disorders and can not begin to tell you how much better my life has become with this facility in my life.

Salvatore P. Incorvaia

Awesome experience. A complete body restoration.

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