Migun Bed



MIGUN THERAPY SYSTEM is not a conventional massage mattress. It is the culmination of a new medical era resulting from the synergy between two different worlds of medicine.The massage energy bed is a therapeutic bed, which provides an in-depth relaxation and a soothing full body massage.


The energy bed is a combined healing effect of acupressure, acupuncture and far-infrared heat therapy to provide you with a relaxing experience and a balanced health. The spine needs to be kept in proper alignment and optimally functioning because it conducts the functioning of muscles, nerves, and organs.




The MIGUN THERAPY SYSTEM is based on Energy Thermal Massage System.” This system is an amalgamation of acupressure, chiropractic, heat-therapy, acupuncture, and massage. The bed produces far infrared rays that penetrate the tissues of the body.  This massage improves the circulation of blood in our lower limbs.  It stimulates the surface of the belly and pelvis, increasing blood flow.





A finger pressure stimulated technique which doesn’t involve the use of needles helps in the removal of toxins from the body.


Heat Therapy (Moxibustion)

Heat Therapy is used for increasing blood flow and the extensibility of soft tissues.



A vital energy called Qi that brings about the perfect body balance when the right points in the body are stimulated.


Body Massage

To increase the agility of your muscles and ease chronic pain in some instances. Body massage is a therapy that brings about relaxation through other hand movements for impact like kneading and stroking.

Benefits of Migun Bed

  • Weight Loss
  • Ease Chronic Pain
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Quality Sleep
  • Decreased Digestive Disorders
  • Stress Reduction


Why does it work?

The internal  Massage Heads of the MIGUN THERAPY SYSTEM are uniquely designed to apply pressure, heat, and massage accurately to those specific acupuncture points at the location of the roots of the spinal nerve. The massage beds provide support and relaxing stretch to the spine, WITHOUT  applying too much tension.

These acupuncture points along the spine are targetted with a precise, relaxing massage that would offer the equivalent therapeutic benefits one would receive from a session of acupuncture.


Far Infrared Rays

Jade is an excelled transmitter of FIR, and when heated it emits negative ions which have significant anti-aging properties.


Benefits of FIR:

  • Provides increased flow of richly  oxygenated blood to muscles & joints
  • Reduced spasms in the tissue, accelerated healing process of sore muscle fibers


Due to such extensive therapeutic uses of far infrared, doctors in Europe and Japan have conducted extensive research and found ”that FIR waves expedite the removal of toxins from the body, which are often significant contributors to various health problems. Numerous toxins are absorbed and stored in our bodies. Lethal gases like Carbon Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide, and substances like Lead, Chlorine, and Mercury are encapsulated through large water molecules.


Blood circulation is blocked due to the toxins in our body, and which leads to the impairment of cellular energy. The body’s immune system is restrained, which makes it difficult for the body to combat a disease-causing organism. In 10 microns of FIR application, the giant water molecules vibration breaks down the ionic bond to release the gases and toxic materials. Such phenomenon is called resonant absorption.”