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Diana Dreher

Your Nutrition Coach

In 2008 Diana was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, an autoimmune disorder that at times left her debilitated physically, emotionally, and mentally. Her experiences with this condition encouraged her to spend years personally testing and researching products and methods without synthetic pharmaceutical drugs.

Diana discovered simple ways to eliminate her own pain as well assist others with many types of conditions, illness, and weight management issues.

For the past 4 years she dedicated her time developing an international team of professionals to assist her in coaching clients and their families on how to live a healthy life through a simple holistic foundation.

Methods include educating and coaching clients on the fundamentals of how our body reacts to foods, eliminating toxic and allergenic foods, implementing “whole food clean eating”, whole food organic nutraceutical supplementation, and stress management.

Diana is a Dr. Sears Certified Health Coach and trained as a teacher as well as a licensed Zumba Instructor. She implements simple stretching, breathing, and meditation in select consultation to assist with stress reduction.

Ginnie OBrien

Your Wellness Coach

I started my journey in Health & Wellness over 20 years ago. I became a State Licensed Cosmetologist but quickly realized I couldn’t use the chemical laden personal care / beauty products due to a series of skin & scalp reactions. I then became Lead Holistic Health & Beauty Educator at a Health Food Store / Salon in New York. I was then educating clients on cleaner & greener health & beauty options that delivered results. I was on Nutritional Insights which was a local radio show educating & sharing information on the importance of knowing what we put on our body is just as important as what we put in it.

In my search for effective natural skincare I created GinzTonix all natural deodorants, body oils & balms. I made them for myself and family members as a healthier , chemical free option for us to use on a daily basis. I now have my GinzTonix all natural bodycare in a few health food stores and boutiques.

Researching and looking for relief for a family member who was facing surgery and in a great deal of pain, set me on a path of finding on alternatives for pain management. I found safe, drugfree alternatives such as Dpl Light therapies & MassageEnergy worked and had to share so others could get relief. I then continued my education and became a NESTA ( National Exercise & Sports Trainer Assoc. ) Certified Wellness Coach. I then opened GinzTonix Wellness Room in Skaneatles NY to help others with overall health & wellness.

Sophia Stephenson

Your Teacher and Tutor

After 17 years in education I still love what I do! More importantly, I love introducing students to a world where they can conquer their perceived area of disdain. Think of me as the “Math Whisperer” and allow me the opportunity to take you to the next level! I have taught basic math through pre-calculus, and would love to work with you to increase your understanding of the subject. I have also tutored at the college level and have been certified to teach an ACT preparation course that teaches test taking strategies to students. In addition to my direct teaching experience, I am also a certified professional school counselor and Administrator. I have worked years as an advocate for all students and even spoke at colleges on the importance of equity in education. My experience and expertise in both math and counseling allows me to provide unique attention to students who have special needs and learning disabilities. DEVELOPING ONE AT A TIME!

Raquel Dills

Your Yoga Teacher

I’m on a journey of self-discovery to a healthy lifestyle free of the physical manifestations of stress. I want to help the many people I meet everyday who are suffering from the signs of stress, tension and anxiety.

I am excited to help anyone who crosses my path and will use intuitive guidance to individualize a plan with techniques such as Reiki, muscle tension release, meditation (prayer), yoga, reflexology and perfection healing.

    Jovon Times

    Your Personal Trainer

    Born and raised in Deerfield Beach, Florida and currently living in Charlotte, NC, Jovon Times is the one you want to get you fit and healthy for life. With a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Fitness & Wellness from Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama and a Master of Sport Science degree in Sport Fitness from the United States Sports Academy in Daphne (Alabama), Jovon has over 18 + years of experience in the Health & Fitness field—both as an educator and as a consultant. In addition, He also has a strong mathematical background. In 2001, He obtained his B.A. in Mathematics from Oakwood University in Huntsville, AL. He is a certified personal trainer with AAAI/ISMA. He is the guy who helps people reach their fitness goals and specialize in IMPROVING YOUR LIFE ONE REP AT A TIME……


    Nicole McLaren

    Skin Fitness Expert

    Nicole McLaren is a skin fitness expert. Personally overcoming severe adult acne has led Nicole on a journey to empower others to become comfortable in their own skin. She specializes in acne, psoriasis and eczema, but has had experience helping people with a wide range of skin challenges.

    Nicole loves to educate her clients on how to take care of their skin as well as what to look for in their personal care products. She performs our ionizing foot soaks, therapeutical leg wrapping as well as hacials (hand facials) for clients at Anka Wellness.

    Nicole earned her BA from Concordia College in 2002. She graduated with a triple major (Honors in Political Science, History, and Accounting) and a minor in Physiological Psychology.

      Mimi Baez

      As a medical assistant with over 17 years of experience in both traditional and alternative medicine, I believe that overall wellness is achieved through alignment of the physical, spiritual, and energetic body. By using techniques like cupping, Reiki, and Chakra balancing I help clients heal from the inside out.

      Certifications and coursework include Cupping Principles and Application, Hands on Health, Cary, NC and Reiki-Usui System of Natural Healing, Energy Equinox, Charlotte, NC. Current studies include the Chakra system with Dr. Anodea Judith.

      About Us

      Welcome to Anka Wellness, where we have a team of wellness professionals to help anyone meet their healthy goal. Our team was selected because they are all motivated to help others learn how to develop healthy habits while implementing a holistic lifestyle!