Salt Sauna Oasis ( COMING SOON )

Salt Sauna Oasis is surrounded by the Himalayan Rock inside-out. One can easily enjoy the benefits of Salt, FIR therapy with Chromotherapy.the science of using colors to match the body vibrations to frequencies that result in harmonious health is Chromotherapy. An effective rejuvenation that helps to reduce inflammation, chronic pain, improves digestion, increases blood flow, improves breathing, reduces lactic acid formation, better sleeping pattern, and a lot more.


Salt Sauna Oasis is a natural way of holistic healing. It becomes easier to meet your health goals from within as well as on the outside. Salt Sauna Oasis is an environment that envelops you with air that is multiple times purer than what you breathe outside. It is a pleasant experience that can revitalize your senses. Your body can reach its equilibrium with equal energy.


Salt Sauna Oasis works very efficiently in restoring mental clarity, boosting passive energy levels and helps in easing inflammation. Using accurate engineered adjustments by fine-tuning the quality of salt, humidity, and temperature of the ambience one can achieve and experience of an ideal micro-climate. The salt particles are known to work closely with the pH levels in the body, absorption of toxic elements accumulated in the lungs and helps in the promotion of regenerating collagen. It results in a healthy, vibrant and smooth radiant skin. Your mind awakens to a new found alertness.


Salt Oasis offers single sessions for clients looking to begin or maintain their commitment to better health. While we recommend the Salt Sauna Oasis to help you bring some clarity to your mind and bring ease to your chronic health issues, you can use your sessions at any time, in any combination. Since you are regularly exposed to the polluted environment that surrounds us regular daily trips are suggested to counter and rebuild from our everyday surroundings.


At the Salt Sauna Oasis, all you need is to sit back and breathe deeply to take benefits of everything the air has to contribute. Salt particles balance the pH levels of the human body, absorb toxins that have accumulated in the lungs and, promote collagen regeneration.


Salt also possesses negative ions. These ions are an essential part of the healing process because they counteract the damage caused by the overabundance of the positive ions. These positive ions trigger the breakdown of our bodies in the long run. Fatigue, depression, and other aches are just some of the side effects of positive ions.


By spending time in one of our Oasis, you can fight these harmful elements and boost your energy level and ease inflammation and restore mental clarity. After your first session in our Salt Cave, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. When you return to our reception area following your treatment, we will provide cold water to help you stay hydrated.


Benefits of Salt Therapy


  • Improvement in respiratory problems
  • Dermatological solutions
  • Helps in optimal consumption of oxygen