Weight Management

Weight, if not managed appropriately can be quite disastrous and can have grave implications. A poor weight management can lead to obesity and obesity is your gateway to all the critical health problems like heart diseases, diabetes, strokes, and cancer.


Being over-weight is not only an uncomfortable feeling, but it also can severely damage one’s health. Calorie restriction is not the only way to lose weight. It doesn’t include any fad diet either.


It is more efficient to combine exercise with healthy food. Exercise helps in lowering down of blood pressure that can prevent heart attack and cholesterol.  It also helps you to combat certain types of cancers like colon cancer and breast cancer.


Weight management is an essential step in the prevention of chronic diseases. The key to weight management is developing a healthy lifestyle.


Exercising also uplifts your confidence and looks after your overall wellbeing.

Some benefits of exercise:

  • Weight loss
  • Increases metabolism
  • Accelerate the rate at which calories are burnt.
  • Increases lean mass


When it comes to exercise, you may wonder how much time does one ideally need to set aside for working out? We can answer that for you.


  • 20minutes of aerobic and 15 minutes of regular moderate workout.
  • Walking for a mile that can burn up to 100 calories.
  • Burning 700 calories, a week can result in losing 10lbs in a year.


Methods of Weight Management:


  • Increase protein intake during breakfast: Protein is the most satiable macronutrient. It fastens the process of glucose synthesis. Due to its thermogenic effect, it helps to burn calories quickly.
  • Use a small serving: Smaller portion sizes equates to lesser calories consumed.
  • Consume more soup: Choosing a bowl of soup can decrease the energy intake.
  • Opt for a low-calorie diet: Meals that are low in calorie content ensure that the total amount of cholesterol and calories consumed is less as compared to those loaded with calories.
  • Add more dairy products to your diet: Diary is responsible for decreasing overall body fat. The bioactive components in the milk can help in raising the efficiency of metabolism.
  • Switch to vegetables: Fruits and Vegetables have an abundant water and fiber content and a low energy density.
  • Green Tea: Green Tea stimulates thermogenesis and inhibits hepatic and body fat accumulation. It increases energy expenditure and oxidation of fats. The main component in the green tea is Catechins. Starch resistance
  • Capsaicin: Capsaicin is also called hot pepper. It induces thermogenesis. It accelerates energy expenditure by 23%.
  • Caffeine: Caffeine present in coffee is a very good inducer of thermogenic effect


Several weight management plans have proven to be useful like: